A new challenge for James Wharton in the GB3 Championship

A brand new car and a first-time experience at Silverstone proved challenging for James Wharton during his GB3 Championship debut. However, James did a brilliant job in Race 3, staging an impressive comeback.


The Australian driver made his championship debut during the second round of the GB3 Championship as a Fortec Motorsport driver. During the weekend, James encountered several challenges. He had never raced at Silverstone before, and adapting to the new car, a Tatuus MSV-022 equipped with a 2.0L Duratec Cosworth engine, proved to be a significant undertaking. Furthermore, the weather conditions did not facilitate optimal performance. However, no opportunity was missed to ensure that everything was done to the highest possible standard.

The weekend started with heavy rainfall, which meant that James Wharton could only manage a few laps on a dry track. The rest of the sessions underwent wet conditions.

Race 1 wasn’t easy for James, who finished the race in 21st position. However, this little experience was enough to ascertain the optimal driving style for the single-seater. Race 2 was cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. Race 3 proved to be a significant achievement for the Australian driver, who advanced from position 16th to 11th.

«Cool to be at this track, but it was a difficult weekend for me. Just learning a new car, a lot of testing only on Friday for the FP1 and FP2. We got about five or four qualifying laps in the dry and then it rained. Quite a hard start to the weekend. But the last race we started at P16, ended at P11. We’re here to learn the track and I think I did that. Now, I am ready for the FRECA in a couple of weeks and see what we can do. It was a good weekend of learning, but still a long way to go».

Next up for James Wharton is the FRECA championship, which will start at Hockenheim on 10–12 May.